We warmly invite you to embark on a creative adventure with our exclusive Ceramic Workshop, tailored specifically for adults. This enriching experience commences on May 8th at 6:30 PM and spans four captivating evening sessions, each designed to deepen your knowledge and skills in ceramic art using the pinching technique—a traditional method ideal for crafting intricate items such as cups, bowls, and decorative ornaments.

Throughout these sessions, you’ll be guided through the complete ceramic-making process right from molding your own pieces to the final touches that add character and flair. The workshop ensures a relaxed and conducive environment for learning, complemented by refreshments and delightful prosecco tasting experiences in collaboration with POP THE CORK, featuring the renowned Salatin prosecco.

Workshop Sessions Schedule:

  • May 8th, Wednesday – Modeling: Start with the basics of the pinching technique. Shape and form items from clay or porcelain by hand. This initial stage is crucial for those looking to create personalized coffee cups, small dessert bowls, candle holders, and more. With patience and creativity, craft 3 to 6 unique pieces at your own pace.

  • May 9th, Thursday – Retouching and Texturing: Return to your art from the first session, making use of its still-moist state to refine and add textures with specialized tools. This is a perfect opportunity to personalize and enhance your creations.

  • May 15th, Wednesday – Glazing: Focus on glazing, the essential process for achieving a glossy and refined surface. Choose from a palette of six colors to glaze your items, working individually or in teams to bring your visions to life.

  • May 22nd, Wednesday – Discussion: Reflect on your creative process, viewing and discussing the finished pieces. This final session is aimed at celebrating your accomplishments and discussing how to further refine your techniques for future projects.

Do not miss this opportunity to explore the world of ceramics in a supportive, engaging, and enjoyable setting.