We warmly invite you to embark on a creative adventure with our exclusive Ceramic Workshop, tailored specifically for adults. This enriching experience commences on June 17 at 6:30 PM and spans four captivating evening sessions, each designed to deepen your knowledge and skills in ceramic art using different techniques.

Throughout these sessions, you’ll be guided through the complete ceramic-making process right from molding your own pieces to the final touches that add character and flair. The workshop ensures a relaxed and conducive environment for learning, complemented by refreshments and delightful prosecco tasting experiences in collaboration with POP THE CORK, featuring the renowned Salatin prosecco.

The course consists of 4 sessions needed to go through all the processes and create your own breakfast set.

June 17, Monday – Modeling

You will create a combination of plates, bowls, egg cups and will determine the type of the breakfast set you want and its components. For those who are more trained we will help to make a butter dish. We advise against rushing; in ceramics, nothing good comes without the necessary patience 🙂

June 20, Thursday – Touching up – changed from June 21, Friday 

If your creations from modeling seem a bit rough, now is the time to refine them and prepare them for their first firing. You need to be very careful here, as this is the phase where they are most fragile.

June 24, Monday – Glazing

Preparation for glazing is extremely important to achieve a smooth and beautiful surface. You will choose from 6 colors to glaze your creations and will work in groups.

June 26, Wednesday – Discussion

This is the sweetest moment – to see the result of your hard work. There may be disappointments, but that’s okay. We will discuss the work and how it can be improved next time.

Do not miss this opportunity to explore the world of ceramics in a supportive, engaging, and enjoyable setting.