Discover the Artistry of Handmade Porcelain Tableware by Pottery and Poetry

At Pottery and Poetry, we pride ourselves on creating exquisite, handmade porcelain tableware that combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Our products are not just tableware; they are pieces of art that bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting. We are now looking to expand our presence globally and are actively seeking partnerships with galleries, shops, museums, and restaurants that appreciate the uniqueness and quality of our work.

Why Partner with Pottery and Poetry?

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each piece of our porcelain tableware is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans. Our commitment to quality ensures that every item is not only beautiful but also durable and functional.

  • Unique Designs: Our collection features a range of designs that blend timeless beauty with modern aesthetics. From minimalist elegance to intricate patterns, our tableware suits various tastes and styles.

  • Exclusive Offerings: We offer exclusive collections that are perfect for galleries, high-end shops, and specialty stores. Our bespoke creations can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of museums and restaurants looking to provide a unique dining experience.

  • Ethical Production: Sustainability and ethical production are at the core of our values. By partnering with us, you are supporting a brand that is committed to responsible and environmentally-conscious practices.

Join Us in Celebrating the Art of Porcelain

We invite galleries, specialty shops, museums, and restaurants around the world to collaborate with Pottery and Poetry. Together, we can bring the timeless beauty and exceptional quality of our handmade porcelain tableware to your discerning clientele.

For Galleries and Shops: Elevate your collection with our exclusive range of handmade porcelain tableware. Our pieces make stunning additions to any gallery or shop, attracting customers who value artistry and craftsmanship.

For Museums: Enhance your exhibits and cultural programs with our bespoke porcelain pieces. Our tableware can be curated to complement your museum’s theme and provide an immersive artistic experience.

For Restaurants: Impress your patrons with our elegant and unique tableware. Our porcelain pieces can transform any dining experience, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your establishment.

Get in Touch

We are eager to build lasting relationships with partners who share our passion for quality and artistry. If you are interested in placing bulk orders or learning more about how Pottery and Poetry can add value to your business, please visit our website at Pottery and Poetry or contact us directly at [contact email].

Join Pottery and Poetry in celebrating the beauty of handmade porcelain tableware. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

Pottery and Poetry Crafting beauty, one piece at a time.




is a distinctive homeware concept store, located in the heart of Beirut. We created LaLi collection for them which embodies organic forms on a bolder presence, showcasing the expansive scope of the artist’s creativity. Soft, pastel colors inspired by nature take center stage, complemented by delicate hand-painted flowers that add an exquisite finishing touch.

view the catalog


Together with our partners from the amazing craftsman platform TA_DAAN we developed an exclusive collection and color blocks. The pieces are available at their web shop.

ta-daan shop


is an e-commerce based in Kuwait. They strive to search the world for distinct pieces that will transform your house into a home. Our collection is inspired from the desert sands, the wind and the unexpected shapes that can be observed all over the world.

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A collection made for our partners Verde Interiori. It is a furniture and home decor shop in Sofia / Bulgaria founded by Vera Denkova as an interior design studio.

The soft tones of the collection flowing into each other against the background of white wavy vases create a feeling of a walk in a fairy garden. The collection gives peaceful emotions and comfort, something like hugging a tree or lying on the grass.

Patriarch Evtimii Str., Sofia, Bulgaria


The beautiful MARBLED collection made for the cute online shop in UK. They choose 2 color combinations  – blue-white and coral red – white. It will be available at theis website very soon.


Espace d’Art is a gallery promoting abstract art and offering unique works, artists’ editions and design objects.

We made for that amazing gallery trays sets in different combinations from our SUNSHINE collection. 

address: 8 Rue Pierre Semard, 75009 Paris, France

reach espace d'art

Our WHOLESALE partner in Qatar


Maisaa, the founder of Artisanal, is an official representative of our brand in Qatar. You can buy many of our products and collections from this shop or order for your restaurant or home dinnerware.

“I have always been attracted to beauty, in the perfect imperfection of things and elegant simplicity. Artisanal is a place to find a collection of hand made pieces (mugs, plates, bowls & so much more). The pieces are made by variety artists from all around the world. Each item is one-of-a-kind & uniquely made of eco-friendly materials such as ceramic, porcelain & enamel….”

Maisaa Al-Mannai – Artisanal Founder

Maisaa is a passionate artist, so together with her we created a collection of unique porcelain painting palettes and cups – that is how our collection CNSTELLATION was born.

pinching cups for N8 DESIGNSHOP – SOFIA

These lovely cups are part from a collection made exclusively for the amazing N8 design shop and our ping-pong collaboration. The pieces are entirely handbuilt, inspired by Japanese ceramics but with a modern aesthetic that would surprise your guests with an elegant artisan touch or simply bring your living space to life with eccentric design. The collection could be purchased or seen up close at their shop in Sofia among their amazing selection of exquisite masterpieces.

address: 8 Ivan Sishman Str, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


In the little time as a ceramic studio we have learnt that some of the greatest ideas emerge in the process of collaboration with clients that have strong feeling of identity and aura because this makes us to move and search ideas beyond what’s already known. This makes us undergo a process that changes us in a way that we stay the same but become more aware of who we are. That is what we call true art, thank you for the ride, it was immense pleasure.


VERY PERI – designed for MELBA.BG

МELBA is a Sofia based innitiative dedicated to design through the following formats: a dynamic bilingual curated online archive dedicated to everything exciting and worthy in contemporary Bulgarian design, bimonthly live meetings with presentations of recent creative projects and a yearly design festival with international participants.
MELBA’s mission is to present the various manifestations of the discipline and to infiltrate an inconspicuous but persistent sense of the meaningful and evolving impact of design on every aspect of our life.