WONDERNATURE – curated by François Delclaux

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We are thrilled to invite you to experience the captivating world of “WONDERNATURE: At Peace with Nature,” a thought-provoking exhibition curated by the visionary François Delclaux. This virtual showcase delves into the intricate relationship between humanity and the botanical realm, redefining our connection with nature and celebrating the harmony that emerges.

Exhibition Highlights:

🌱 Reconnecting with Nature: François Delclaux’s keen observations highlight the contemporary significance of our biological environment. Join us as we explore how our everyday lives are intertwined with the urgent questions of creating sustainably and preserving life on Earth.

🏞️ Harmony Within: Discover how city dwellers are forging a new connection with the natural world, seeking green spaces and flowers as essential components of well-being. Witness the transformation of living spaces into poetic sanctuaries that evoke wonder and joy.

🌺 Wondernature’s Call: Immerse yourself in the enchanting concept of Wondernature—a call to consciousness that ushers in a new form of hedonism. Explore how this concept bridges the gap between the natural and the human-made, inviting a sense of awe into our lives.

Event Details:

📅 Date: SEPT 7 -11

📍 Location: Maison&Objet / Hall 4

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