Home aesthetics and table arrangement - A LECTURE BY MARIA

Maria Baleva, the founder of pottery and poetry, will be participating in GourmEAT the future, an event organized by Bacchus magazine in Bulgaria, on July 1 and 2. She will be delivering a captivating demonstration and lecture titled “Home aesthetics and table arrangement: colors, shapes, trends and combinations.”
No matter if it’s a casual lunch, an elegant dinner with a pristine white tablecloth, or a delightful morning coffee accompanied by a cookie, the presentation of the dishes, choice of utensils, and overall table arrangement hold great significance alongside the food itself.
During her session, Maria will illustrate how to expertly arrange a table at home, emphasizing the selection of materials, colors, shapes, and textures of the dishes that complement the served cuisine. She will demonstrate that achieving a visually pleasing home aesthetic is within reach for everyone, irrespective of their cooking skills or extensive preparation.
When: 1st and 2nd of July 2023
Where: Pop Up Space by Despred, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tickets: here