The evolution to a collectable book 

” In the absence of a physical fare fair, Cluster Crafts is proud to announce the creation of a rich, multimedia printed volume that takes the pulse of the world’s talented craftsmen and investigates the process of making in a highly unusual year. 

The volume will act as a dialogue between the physical and digital realms. Profiles of the 100-plus artists and makers who were chosen to be a part of the Cluster community in 2020 will include descriptions of their creative processes and lessons in resilience and innovation learned during this challenging year.

The book will be organised with the same themes as the Cluster exhibition: below the earth, the ground and the sky. Below the earth will look at products made from subterranean materials such as clay and stone; the ground will focus on functional design and woodwork; and finally the sky will curate exquisite lighting pieces. 

The future of Cluster may still be rooted in the physical exhibitions we hope to host, but whilst we cannot invite you into our home space, we bring the craft and design into yours. QR codes embedded with every profile will enable readers to summon 3D renders of the artworks onto their phone screens and, with augmented reality technology, place the objects in their homes. 

Bringing together a collection of the leading emerging craftsman and artists from across the globe, the book will serve as an anchor point – capturing a moment in history when the lines between the real world and the digital blurred, and everything had an avatar. “