from another era

The collection GRAPES OF LOVE combines naturally with the romantic vibes of February, but the it encodes more than romantic love. We tried to embody in our works the feeling of a majestic timelessness, which leads us to the mystic power of love, with scent of fairytales and magical realism, which seems to come from the past and pass through the prism of the day. Because love is an eternal value and its power is beyond the moment. That is why the works seem to be from another era. The title of the collection is also a hint that for us the love for what we do is a vital element for the product of our work and for our happiness, because at the end of the day it turns out that the love we put into our lives determines our destiny. That is why we dedicate this collection to the conscious path of love, to the one whose fruits are a priceless gift. We also tried to make the pieces of the collection radiate warmth and maturity inherent in wise love. We hope that this collection will warm your hearts, as its creation has warmed ours.


Subcultura studio – textiles, graphic design

Georgi Petkov – sculptural heads


white, white matte, bronze, graphite, antique brass


Every GRAPES OF LOVE item is entirely handmade from white porcelain or stoneware clay. Through the whole process of creation each piece has travelled through hands several times. First, it has been hand-built, dried and retouched carefully. Then, it is bisque fired in the kiln, sanded to smooth the surface, hand-glazed and fired once again. Because of all this, minor “imperfections” might occur on the surface, making each item truly unique. Furthermore, the slight variations in the shape and size of the items within the same collection makes them one of a kind pieces of art. All ceramic items are glazed with non-toxic materials. Dishwashing is not recommended.