Sea Reflections

the Magic of the Sea

Our Sea Reflections collection embodies the captivating allure of the ocean. Each piece, meticulously crafted from the finest white porcelain, echoes the delicate shapes and textures of the underwater world. With our specially developed glazes, we’ve transformed porcelain into vibrant corals, graceful anemones, and the shimmering forms of seashells.

Bring the Essence of the Coastline to Your Home

Sea Reflections transcends everyday tableware. It’s an invitation to embrace coastal charm, to dine amidst the subtle wonders of the deep. Imagine swirling pastas in bowls reminiscent of swirling anemones, or serving fresh fruit on plates that mimic the gentle textures of coral reefs.

are we at the bottom of the ocean

in bioluminescent fever of joy

is the weight of the world an illusion

where our dreams may bloom


Zornitsa Genova

Combining our passions

Two makers, one vision. Pottery & Poetry and &Hue invite you to experience a collaboration born from passion and a shared love of nature’s artistry. Porcelain finds warmth in wood, creating tableware and objects that elevate the everyday. Find our exclusive collection unveiled at Cluster Crafts, May 15-19.

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