Pottery & Poetry is an aspirational Bulgarian brand, creating unique handmade ceramics and personalized dinnerware. With its beginnings in 2020, Pottery & Poetry is the result of a spontaneous collaboration between two life-long friends – an architect (Maria Baleva) with a passion for ceramics and a lawyer (Zornitsa Genova) with a love of molding words.

Two years later, they have designed a diverse range of contemporary tableware that is sold around the world from Paris to Doha. Here the studio is presented with an exclusive collection for Liberty London. All pieces are entirely hand-crafted from white porcelain, making each item an exquisite one-of-a-kind work of art.

The soul of Pottery & Poetry is to combine the traditional skills of the potter with an unexpected twist of a modern yet timeless aesthetic. Their passion is to create unique products that elevate the physical experience of dining to the sublime. Each design is an ode to the artisan heritage that adds a touch of personality to every home and every table.

“Every dish you serve can taste better, as the process of eating starts with observation”


Exlusive collection for Liberty London: Pottery and Poetry
Maria Baleva, Nataliya Zhelyazkova, Zlatka Vacheva, Georgi Petkov

Poetry: Zornitsa Genova

Production: Clamer Production Studio

Starring: Zlatka Vacheva, Zornitsa Genova, Maria Baleva, Nataliya Zhelyazkova

Director: Georgi Manov 

D.O.P.: Krasimir Andonov Producer: Atanas Barzakov

Line Producer: Georgi Pashkov

Music: Kaloyan Dimitrov

Voice: Adriana Dimitrova

Style: Kristina Simidchiyska

Post Production: Boris Tivchev