Sometimes the mistakes are not wrong. This is exactly what happened with the beautiful gray, which was the reason to make our collection with orange, pink and gray. We were dealing with a large order, part of which was supposed to be green… We never understood why the whole batch turned gray, but it seems to be fine, don’t you think so?





Handmade and unique

We work in the made-to-order fashion as it is the most sustainable and efficient way to run a brand for handmade items. We keep a minimum inventory in stock and are ready to produce everything in line with our clients’ preferences. The customers contact us with questions about custom-made sizes, color palettes, or designs. Made-to-order small sets take between 5 and 10 days to be completed. For multi-item orders we would need a few weeks for production, packaging, and shipping.

Every item from the collection is entirely handmade from white porcelain in our workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our ceramics are glazed with non-toxic materials and are 100% safe for eating and heating. They can be washed in a dishwasher, however careful hand washing is recommended.