by zornica genova

buying gifts as a substitute for love
dreaming things you want to feel
maybe you are just a heart away
from where you have to be

the trees are poems of the world
but we kill them into paper
to write what we have learnt

I want to be the friend you cannot keep
please lose this illusion of me
I want to be as real as your flaws
so we could act without the need to speak

this steam
moistening the air with your scent
I’m laying in a bed of mist
drunk into oblivion
for all that people have to say
about choices that were never theirs

I won’t change the lock over my heart
riding on the waves of time
with wisdom tied around my neck
the love will find its path

grounded by the vibe
that should make me fly
I just have used my body
to realize my mind

gut feeling knows
we’re gods just hiding from ourselves
pure wisdom shines
when dreams are not afraid
just wait for the stories to be told
they’ll get you to the drunkenness of your love

i have seen things
stranger than you think
i have seen an ufo and a cloud that speaks
i have seen the moon to change its form
but never in my life i have seen
a real love to changes its flow

i’m sleeping on a pill of faith
not knowing the power of hope
to make desire so impossible to kill
it sneaks and makes you long

step outside the corners of your mind
i’m dressed in blue
and you will see the signs
a penny for your thoughts
but you would never tell
that i can spell the words you want to share

all these planes in the sky
as sewing machines of fate
but mine’s not going anywhere
waiting for a sign to shuffle dreams
floating into space we are so the same
betting on this life
hoping for a change

full moon spirits, let me in
i want to wash the sorrow from my skin
take away my troubles with the tides
and burn the shadows in the morning light

your eyes are haunting me directly
they are black as a night
with thousand burning torches
I feel that touching you would hurt me
with the pain I’ve always wanted
so now I know you are the wizard
as I might be the witch he‘s always hunted

he splits the atoms in the air
transforming my wisdom in lust
I’ll go to the hours of nowhere
as long as we never give up

I’ve met a writer in my dream
he writes stories for the kids to read
so when they go to war one day
they will never kill
but heal

embrace your flaws
perfection is ugly
and everything is fair in love
just feel the texture of true beauty
it goes beyond of what is right and wrong

there’s a place we belong to
invited by the soul of things
where atoms sing
the song of your perfume
I’m chained to it for we are one
like a summer kiss and loving arms

behind the eyes that taught us to be blind
we keep the walls that flesh cannot define
these walls are made from our fear
the way ahead is straight through it