The two longtime friends behind POTTERY & POETRY. We are an architect who has a passion for ceramics and a lawyer who likes to juggle with words.

The project was born spontaneously at a dinner party with the modest idea to increase our personal time in the “art zone” of life. Now things look different and this little time we’ve wanted to steal has become our main occupation.

So sometimes it’s nice when we have spontaneous ideas to jump into the rabbit hole, because one impulse and a small step can be a whole new world. Now let’s see what’s next.

Love ххх,

Zory & Mimi


At Pottery and Poetry, we believe that tableware should be more than just functional; it should be a source of beauty and inspiration in your home. That’s why we handcraft each piece of our ceramic tableware using traditional techniques and high-quality materials. We offer a wide variety of collections to suit your style, from classic dinnerware sets to unique plates, bowls, mugs, and trays. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we also create custom-made pieces to meet your specific needs.

But we don’t just sell pottery – we also share our passion for the craft with others. We host workshops where you can learn the basics of pottery making, from throwing on the wheel to glazing and firing. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to hone your skills, our workshops are a fun and rewarding way to get creative and get your hands dirty.

So if you’re looking for beautiful, handmade pottery that will add a touch of artistry to your home, or if you’re interested in learning how to make your own pottery, we invite you to explore our collections and workshops at Pottery and Poetry.

meet our team


founder / designer / ceramic artist

Mimi has the skills of a master and the discipline of an apprentice. The passion of an artist and the precision of a scientist. With qualities like these, she can be anything she wants. Good for the humanity she wants to craft and create, and infuse everyday objects with artistic energy. It brings her pleasure and satisfaction. It makes the world a more beautiful and bearable place to live in. 



your eyes are haunting me directly
they are black as a night
with thousand burning torches
I feel that touching you would hurt me
with the pain I’ve always wanted
so now I know you are the wizard
as I might be the witch he‘s always hunted


ceramic artist / production manager / finances

If Mimi is the aesthetic and Zory the romantic part of Pottery & Poetry, then Nati is the somatic.
For 8 years now she’s been accumulating knowledge on materials and ingredients over her quest to find the best pots to cook in. So if we ever launch a cooking dishes line (and we will) it would be thanks to Nati.

zlatka vacheva

ceramic artist / graphics

Her name in Bulgarian comes from gold. Coincidentally (absolutely not) she is the head of our gold-plating department. Zlati jumped ship in the mids of a huge order with a tight deadline and started sculpting clay as if she’s done it her whole life. No one was surprised though, since her background is theater set design. When you can draw, have spatial thinking and understanding of materials, you are already a pottery prospect. Or in Zlati’s case – a pottery pro.


designer / ceramic artist

A design virtuoso with a flair for languages and an impeccable taste. Her work reflects a harmonious blend of creativity, linguistic finesse, and a deep love for animals.

emilia yankova

marketing manager / photographer 

Emi is a force of creative expression. Her work as marketing manager at Pottery and Poetry, photographer, graphic designer, and stylist reflects her keen eye for detail and sophisticated aesthetic, leaving an indelible mark on every project.


Plamena cermic artist


Viki cermic artist


Rosalia cermic artist


We consider ourselves modern and imaginative, yet we are not afraid to draw inspiration from the abundance of ceramic legacy we inherited from the traditional Bulgarian artisans. Old patterns re-invented, ancient techniques re-discovered. Originality rooted in customs and culture.


From the materials we choose (mostly local, Bulgarian), to the people we work with and the packaging we ship in, every detail in our handmade production is aimed to be as conscious as possible. With appreciation to our customers, recognition to our caftswomen and concern for our planet.