Here we are or just 1/2 of us, the two longtime friends behind POTTERY & POETRY. We are an architect who has a passion for ceramics and a lawyer who likes to juggle with words.

The project was born spontaneously at a dinner party with the modest idea to increase our personal time in the "art zone" of life. Now things look different and this little time we’ve wanted to steal has become our main occupation.

So sometimes it's nice when we have spontaneous ideas to jump into the rabbit hole, because one impulse and a small step can be a whole new world. Now let’s see what’s next.

Love ххх,

Zory & Mimi

pottery - Maria Baleva, Nataliya Zhelyazkova

poetry - Zornica Genova

calligraphy – Kostadin Kokalanov


We create contemporary design ceramics. Every POTTERY & POETRY item is entirely handmade. Through the whole process of creation each piece has travelled through hands several times. First, it has been hand-built, dried and retouched carefully. Then, it is bisque fired in the kiln, sanded to smooth the surface, hand-glazed and fired once again. Because of all this, minor “imperfections” might occur on the surface, making each item truly unique. Furthermore, the slight variations in the shape and size of the items within the same collection makes them one of a kind pieces of art. All ceramic items are glazed with non-toxic materials. They can be washed in a dishwasher /except golden and bronze details/, however careful hand washing is recommended.