Our personalized dinnerware is here to make the boring beautiful, by sneaking art into everyday routines. All our ceramics are handmade in effortless organic shapes to add a touch of uniqueness and personality to every home and every table. Any palette, any form and any personal requests are welcome, as we are passionate to plate pleasure and aesthetics to any dining occasion. From the classic to the unexpected, you can choose from our versatile collections or ask for a made-to-order special set that suits your style and taste. We’ll be more than delighted to even put your name on every plate you buy. You’re welcome. 


The journey

Pottery & Poetry comes from the head and the hands of an architect (Mimi) and the soul of a lawyer (Zory). Two friends who spontaneously embarked on a hobby turned experiment turned art project turned business journey. 

Before dedicating full-time to ceramics, Mimi was architect Maria Baleva – founder and partner in a well recognized studio famous for its interior and product designs – FUNKT. As much she loved creating beautiful, yet functional spaces and objects, Maria was tempted by pottery as an endless process of improvisation. It became her way to escape boredom and complacency, and satisfy her innate need to work with her hands. Less than a couple of years into her experiments with clay, here she is – an owner of a growing business with its own gallery, artisan workshop and a small team of like-minded ceramic lovers. The secret? Motivation, nourished by everyday joy and fulfillment, plus all the support from friends, fans and those first few clients who said “Love this shop. Will come back for more!”